ProteMac Meter is a network traffic logger. It monitors and records all Internet and network activity on your Mac computers. ProteMac Meter worked out as a traffic monitoring tool is essential for maintaining a safe network and diagnosing network and Internet connections and speeds. Meter’s easy-to-read network traffic details make reporting a snap. Download a free trial version of ProteMac Meter today!

Keeping Your Mac Secure

Like the electrical and water meters for buildings, ProteMac Meter monitors and records the activity between your Macintosh computer and all outside network connections. Meter creates a log of network traffic allowing you to review surges in activity, track network traffic, network speeds, control bandwidth, and monitor port traffic and individual application network connections. This valuable information can be used to find gaps in security and thus prevent unwanted access to and from your Mac.

Get Up To Speed, Stay Up To Speed

Internet and network speeds can be an issue, particularly in a business situation. With more and more audio and video being sent and received over the Internet and across networks, interruptions inactivity or reduced transmission speeds can be a problem. ProteMac Meter can pinpoint which programs may be causing the problems. Meter can even signal an alarm when a specified network bandwidth or traffic volume is reached. With that network traffic data, you will be able to adjust on the fly, prevent interruptions and never lose a transmission. This traffic software offers you to see network traffic content anytime you want.

Easy To Read Statistics

Meter puts the data into easy to decipher graphs or numerical charts. You can view connection information at a glance or in detail due to special network traffic reports. View connection information by application or by time period.With ProteMac Meter’s comprehensive monitoring and logging, plus the user-friendly interface, and easy-to-read statistics even an inexperienced user can benefit. Protect the security of your Mac, monitor your Internet speeds, and maintain a record of your network and Internet traffic – download and install traffic counting software ProteMac Meter.

iPad, iPhone or iPod?

Wish to track data usage on your iPad, iPhone or iPod? Use the “Download Meter – reduce spending on mobile internet” application!