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Keystroke monitor and recorder for Mac

ProteMac KeyBag is a stealth keystroke monitor and recorder for your Mac computer. KeyBag runs in the background, completely undetectable by the user so it won’t interfere with the way you work on your computer. For home and business use, ProteMac KeyBag is a useful tool for productivity and security. Download a free trial version today.

What Happens At Your Computer When You Are Away? For home use, KeyBag is extra security for your family and your data. Before you leave, set the time period to monitor the computer, and you create a record of who was on the computer and what they did. KeyBag creates a digital record of instant message chats, sites visited, notes written, and the amount of time spent on the computer. Protect your children and monitor any visitor’s computer activity.

ProteMac KeyBag has a “Typed Stroke” window so at a glance you can review what was entered in specific applications. Forgot what message you just entered? No problem. Open KeyBag, select the correct application, and review the characters that were typed. Copy and paste back into the original program. KeyBag displays the message or text even after it has been deleted.

Use KeyBag as an extra backup recovery utility. If you accidentally lose data, you can use the keystroke records and export function in KeyBag to recover the information that was typed. Depending on what you have selected as your KeyBag settings you can go back an hour, a day, or several days. Extra security is always a benefit. Try KeyBag today, and find out what happens on your computer when you’re away.

Analyze Work Habits and Productivity

ProteMac KeyBag at work is a powerful tool for analyzing working habits, billable hours, and for creating a concrete record of computer activity for employees and yourself. And because KeyBag runs invisibly, completely undetectable it will not interfere with normal working habits.

The data gathered by KeyBag can be used to improve work habits, record keeping, and security. The interface is easy to use and straightforward. The Applications Chart breaks down application usage and stroke lengths in an easy-to-read chart. At a glance, you can preview which programs are used most often or determine billable hours. Use the Application Statistics to check typing speed, which computer tasks you are spending the most time on, or even to determine where more training may be needed.

It is never recommended to use KeyBag for spying or obtaining unauthorized access to any data whatsoever. You should always disclose that you are running ProteMac KeyBag to anybody who may be affected by its use.

With KeyBag running on your computer you have added securitybackup, and control. Download KeyBag today and always know what happens on your computer when you are away.