NetMine Protects Your Mac
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NetMine Protects Your Mac

NetMine by ProteMac is a firewall for your Mac computer running OS X. It monitors and controls all the Internet and network activity of your computer. NetMine protects your Mac against unwanted access to and from your computer including activity initiated by software programs or an outside source. Download a free trial version of NetMine today and begin protecting your computer immediately!

ProteMac NetMine is a powerful line of defense protecting your computer from unwanted intrusions. It monitors incoming and outgoing network and Internet traffic, securing your home and business networks. With NetMine activated you are alerted to security threats immediately, at the point of entry.

NetMine Prevents Any Communicating Behind Your Back

We’ve all seen the news stories about identity theft, computer hackers, and security breaches that cause irreparable damage to businesses and families. As Internet use increases so do the threats concerning identity theft, computer viruses, and the fear of being watched while you’re online. NetMine will let you know when an outsider is trying to get in thus protecting your computer and your information.

Advertisers watch our every move online to custom tailor advertising to us while we’re browsing. Dangerous hackers can do the same, watching what sites we visit, monitoring passwords we type in, planting bugs on our computers. NetMine monitors all the talking that goes on between your computer and the outside computer world and lets you know about it. Any activity that happens between your computer and the network or the Internet is monitored and controlled by NetMine, giving your extra protection and security against unwanted, unknown communication.

NetMine’s protection is two-way, so it lets you know when an application on your computer is sending outgoing messages. All incoming and outgoing traffic can be monitored and controlled through NetMine. Download NetMine today to make sure nothing happens behind your back.

NetMine Is Simple And Powerful

NetMine is a beautifully simple program that runs through the Preferences Panel of your Mac. You can set up automatic rules for programs to always allow or deny access to the Internet. Or you can set the preferences to alert you every time an attempt is made to communicate.

NetMine can protect against viruses, worms, bots, and rootkits that can destroy the data on your computer. It keeps your home network secure and intact. It protects your business networks from destructive vandalism. Get the protection you need from ProteMac NetMine, download a free trial version today.