What to look for in a FWB

Are you tired of courting? Are you afraid of commitment? Can you barely deal with your feelings much less the feelings of a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or are you just too plain lazy for a relationship? Then a FWB is right for you. But how do you get you one of these highly coveted casual relationships, you ask? Well I might just have the solution.
You need to find a guy/girl with the right combination of good qualities and bad qualities. Basically you need to like them enough to have sex with them and be friendly, but not too much. Here are a couple steps to finding and choosing your fuck buddy:

1. You need someone you’re mostly attracted to
In order to actually want to have sex with this person they need to be somewhat attractive to you. However, if their hotness is too much than it might be too much for your willpower which could lead to the development of feelings ñ yikes.
To remedy this possibility, look for someone who find mostly attractive but has one or more unattractive physical qualities. Whether it be endearingly crooked teeth, lack of a booty (butts on guys are important too), or something as arbitrary as a weird mole find it.

You want your fuck buddy to be around a 7 on your attractiveness scale. If you find someone whoís super mega foxy awesome hot then you better hope they have a terrible ñ yet tolerable ñ personality.

2. Find someone with an O.K. personality
If youíre going to fool around with someone youíre going to be spending a lot of time with them. While most of the time might be spent horizontally or against a wall, youíre going to have to verbally interact with them at some point. So try to find someone who isnít an asshole.

While fucking someone whoís kind of a dick might be an easy way of avoiding feelings, it isnít an easy way to avoid conflict. In order to keep your life drama and feelings free, find someone who has a decent personality but has at least one relationship deal breaker.
However, you want to maintain a good balance between hot and emotionally appealing. So if you find a super-hot 10/10 dude/girl whoís DTF then make sure their personality is about a 5/10 or lower in order to maintain a good ratio.

Because let’s face it. If you start fooling around with someone whoís hot and has a perfect personality, you’re going to fall hard and fast.

3. He/She should not be your BFF or an Ex
The whole point of having a FWB is to avoid the messiness that comes with emotions. So why would you want to get your Ex involved? Sure theyíre physically attracted to you but realistically theyíre an ex for a reason, and very well might be the reason youíre looking for a FWB in the first place. Donít inject more drama into your life for the sake of sex.

And as far as fucking your best friendÖ just WHY? Donít even go there. If you would have wanted to fuck them, you would already have. Why would you destroy a good friendship when there are thousands of people out there looking to get laid? Sure they might be a convenient choice since theyíre easy to get a hold of, but I promise you itís worth looking for someone else to do the horizontal-tango with.

Hopefully, this helps with your FWB decision making. Have fun, use a condom, and happy banging!  If your looking to find a new friend with benefits, then head over to cupid.ly the #1 new dating app on the market today!

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