Reasons why your Fuck Buddy Shouldn’t be your ex

After a relationship ends, more often than not the sex continues. An increasingly large number of people end up going back to their exes and making a FWB relationship out of it. There are about a thousand reasons why this is a terrible idea, and probably a thousand more specific to the relationship. The relationship is over the best thing you can do is move on. And one of the first steps to moving on is picturing yourself romantically and sexually with other people and then acting on it. By turning around and getting back in bed with your ex, you’re literally taking one step forward and five steps back.

Here are a couple reasons why you shouldnít make your ex a FWB and why you should break it off if youíre already sleeping together again.

1. You’re looking for validation
By sleeping with your ex you’re probably looking for something more than just sex. And that thing is probably validation. Okay, sure when looking for a FWB an ex is a convenient place to look. You already know they’re attracted to you and you already feel comfortable around them. While that sounds good youíre ignoring your entire relationship leading up until this point.

While you might feel a little less than desirable after a relationship it’s never a good idea to go back to your ex to feel wanted. Once the FWB relationship implodes, which it will, youíll end up feeling even more undesirable than you did in the first place. You need to experience other people lusting after you in order to rebuild your self-esteem. Break away from your ex and fuck literally anyone else.

2. You’re using them or being used as a place-holder
No one likes being alone. Even if you’re fresh out of a relationship and enjoying your freedom, that wonít last very long. Before you know it youíre going to be craving affection again, even if itís only physical. By going back to your ex you very well might be using them as a stepping stone to get to the next best fuck buddy.

What’s even worse is being used as a place-holder. Regardless of how badly you hurt them or vice versa, neither of you deserve to be used by the other. Plus, imagine that drama youíre going to have to deal with when they figure out theyíre basically being used.

3. You’re trying to get them back
If you really think youíre going to get them back by sleeping with them, you are dead wrong. You might be trying to remind them of what you used to have by sleeping with them. This might work for a little while which could lead to a reignited spark, but I guarantee that it will not last very long.

You both broke up for a reason. And at some point all of those reasons are going to come flooding back. So save yourself the heartache and move on. The best way to get over someone is to spend as little time with them as possible and try not to spend ANY time naked with them. Move on. Start dating and fucking other people. You will find a relationship much better than the flawed one youíre trying to rekindle or capitalize on.

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