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Mac OS X Application Firewall for advanced security Firewall and monitoring control of All your Applications monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! Monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! LogonKey - USB login solution for Mac OS X Login access security wrapped into USB dongle.
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LogonKey    Downloading LogonKey

Thank You for downloading LogonKey! Your download should automatically begin in a few seconds, but if not, click here.

LogonKey FAQ Need Help?

Our help page has plenty of answers.

How to install Logon Key?
What to do after installation?
How to launch the program?
How to specify the name and USB - key?
How to change or delete the USB Key?
How many users may apply the same key?
How to check that LogonKey is activated?
How to specify the actions after USB removal?
How to set time interval to start screen saver?
How to require password when entering the system?

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LogonKey tutorial Tutorials and Guides OS  
How it Works

LogonKey is a perfect tool for security access to your Mac! In this video tutorial you will find the information about how LogonKey works. Moreover, you will understand why it is so easy and convenient to use. Just spend a minute of your time not to worry about the security of your Mac in future!

How to LogonKey
Logon Key Video Tour

If you have already downloaded LogonKey then this video tutorial is for you! It will teach you how to use the program, how to specify and manage USB Keys and show you the opportunities of the program. Futhermore, you will understand that it is very easy to use program. Provide the security for your Mac today!

How to LogonKey
Logon Key Tutorial
LogonKey opens for you the possibility of distant control over your computer database. It is especially irreplaceable for those who want to block confidential data from unwanted access. With this easy-to-use software, there is no need to keep in mind complicated passwords and enter them every time you want to enter your Mac: the logon procedure is reduced to inserting the USB flash drive.

How to LogonKey
Shift of the user folder to another flash-device
To provide high-level data security against unauthorized access, Mac OS has foreseen a function of folder shift with personal data from the /User/ partition to another disc partition or another disc. The combination of two technologies: shift of user folder and LogonKey application helps to ensure the security of private data and distinguish the users – not only by access rules but also physically.

How to LogonKey
LogonKey Tutorial
LogonKey is worked out to enable easy and fast way to logon.  The user doesn’t require special knowledge to install and to use it. To give you the full presentation of we suggest you comprehensive information about this software. The following tutorial will guide you through the major steps of LogonKey utilisation.  
How to LogonKey
Data security via FileVault

The combination of FileVault and LogonKey presents an ideal basis for  security access that provides 100% protection of private data on Mac OS.
How to LogonKey
Data security with the encryption program TrueCrypt
LogonKey and a flash drive with the ability to encrypt data is an ideal data security both on computer and portable device.
How to LogonKey
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