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Mac OS X Application Firewall for advanced security Firewall and monitoring control of All your Applications monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! Monitors and records all network activity on your Mac! LogonKey - USB login solution for Mac OS X Login access security wrapped into USB dongle.
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Logon Key is high level of Mac access security wrapped into USB dongle. This powerful software has been worked out to restrict the access to your Mac system from the outside and deliver reliable remote control over your personal database. With Logon Key you get your unique security device that easily blocks any bruteforce logon attempts.



ProteMac NetMine is a network firewall for Mac OS X which able to control internet and network activity of all application on Your Mac!
ProteMac NetMine offers powerful firewall protection for your Mac, and its customized protection allows advanced users to configure specific rules to protect against foes who wish to infiltrate your computer.



ProteMac Meter is a powerful network traffic logger, monitor and traffic counter, which measures, displays and controls all traffic to and from every application connected to network. ProteMac Meter can display bandwidth data in a real-time graph, a numerical display, or both. It records all network traffic and includes extensive logging for specified period.


Logon Sentry

ProteMac Logon Sentry monitors all login attempts and detects whether an attempt was successful or failed. After a login attempt was made the program captures an image from the iSight.

Logon Sentry


ProteMac KeyBag is advanced keystroke logger software for Mac OS X. ProteMac KeyBag record all typed texts such as chat conversation, emails, documents, user names, and much more.


KeyBag PRO    KeyBag PRO

Keystroke recorder for Mac

KeyBag Pro is a stealth keystroke recorder designed to capture all keyboard activities performed on your Mac. Working undetectable, KeyBag Pro monitors everything that happens on computer: keystrokes typed, programs run, emails, instant message charts. Including the ability to record all system passwords entered, this surveillance tool finds its appliance both in private and business use.

Have you ever wondered, what happens at your computer when you are away? KeyBag Pro guarantees extra protection for your business and family boosting computer database security. This feature-rich software allows you to specify the timeframes for computer monitoring: before you leave, set the time period and KeyBag Pro will deliver a record of who was on the computer and what they did.

Full-featured software for home use

In everyday life KeyBag Pro becomes an invisible key spy that keeps an eye on children computer activity and the amount of time spent in front of computer and preventing them from the harmful Internet influence. Thus KeyBag Pro becomes your contribution to the upbringing of your child.

KeyBag Pro contains the Keystrokes tab, that displays not only the time the application was used, but also what exactly was entered in specific applications. The Keystroke Typed Details window displays the full text or the message even if it has been deleted. Having the possibility to review the typed text again, you may look at this information under another different perspective, ehich ctrates the basis for future reference or analysis.

Use KeyBag Pro as an extra backup and password recovery utility. If you accidentally lose data, you can use the keystroke records and export function in KeyBag Pro to recover the information that was typed. Depending on what you have selected as your KeBag Pro settings you can go back an hour, a day or several days. Try KeyBag Pro today to find out what happens on your computer behind your back.

Analyze work habits and Productivity

KeyBag Pro is absolutely irreplaceable for business sphere. It is a powerful tool for analyzing working habits, billable hours and for creating concrete record of computer activity for employees and yourself. Running in stealth mode, it creates invisible protection around your corporate database, preventing the leak of confidential information, security breaches and Internet abuse for personal reasons that inevitably lead to downtime.

It audits all on-going activities in real-time, designing a detailed report about computer activities performed in an easy-to-read chart. The Applications Chart breaks down application usage and stroke length indicating the time spent at computer. At a glance you can preview which programs are used most often or determine where more training may be needed.

With KeyBag Pro running on your computer you have added password security, backup and control. Download KeyBag Pro today and be aware of everything that happens on your computer 24-hours a day!












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