3 Reasons Why You Need A FuckBuddy (at least once in your lifetime)

You’re balancing work, school, friends, family and sleep so who the hell has time for a committed relationship? Too broke to afford taco bell for anyone but yourself and no time to make the effort in building a life long connection.

Sex is the best stress reliever so why not carve out time to bang out all of your stress with a consistent hookup? There’s nothing wrong with calling a physical attraction what it is and caving into your sexual desires.

Great, hot sex is difficult to find nowadays so once you find it why not keep it consistent and make it a top priority?
Get yourself a fuck buddy and transform your sex life by increasing your orgasms while decreasing obligated feelings, plans and chivalry.
Consistent Sex:

Create a schedule to meet your hookup multiple times within your busy weeks. Also take the opportunity to text them whenever you’re horny to see what they’re up to and guarantee they’re just as aroused as you. It’s a reliable booty call because you’re both on the same page about wanting orgasms before you hit the hay.

If yu have no luck catching any babes or hunks on your night out, you know you have a reliable fuck buddy you can always go home with.

No Drama:

Set ground rules of being tested and how many other sexual partners involved if you still want to be cautious but other than that what’s there to fight about?

Try to be on the same page of establishing this as a strict sexual attraction and leave it like that. The more rules you incorporate, the harder it will be drama free because broken rules lead to fights.

Talk with your body and enjoy the sexual satisfaction you’re both getting out of this and leave it at that. Don’t complicate things and make it into something it isn’t.

You’re not entirely sure what their last name is but do you need to? The only things you should know is their address and number to set up your flings, and the occasional safe word for you erotic lovers.

No Commitment:

So you ended up banging it out every night last week, but that still doesn’t mean you have any other commitment besides satisfying them sexually.

You are still free to sleep all day, hang with friends or do absolutely nothing without feeling guilty. Resume your daily routine knowing that although you’re single, you can still have great, consistent, drama-free sex.

Having a fuck buddy is an easy way to be honest with them and yourself about feeling sexually attracted to them but incapable of providing any other sort of emotional connection. That doesn’t mean it can’t lead to that in the future but just live for today and the orgasm that should accompany it.

Many relationships and friendships have formed from being a fuck buddy so don’t be too closed minded but also enjoy the easiness of consistent, drama free sex. ┬áReady to find a fuckbuddy of your own? ┬áhead over to meetbang the #1 meet and fuck app available for free!

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